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Donor With a Sizeable Advise & Consult Fund Balance

Donor With a Sizeable Advise & Consult Fund Balance

A PCA donor with a sizeable balance in his Advise & Consult Fund® was concerned that his church still had a mortgage on the church property. He contacted the PCA Foundation and asked if it would be possible to use a portion of the balance in his Advise & Consult Fund to anonymously set up a matching gift program for the specific purpose of attempting to help the church pay off its mortgage.

The PCA Foundation contacted the church and informed them that an anonymous donor would like to offer that for every $1.00 the church reduced its mortgage balance over the course of a year; the anonymous donor would contribute $1.50 to mortgage debt reduction from his Advise & Consult Fund. The church accepted the offer, and the PCA Foundation set up and administered a matching program with the church to accomplish the donor's desires.

The church informed the congregation of the matching program and they responded joyfully. Before the end of the year, the church's mortgage was paid in full as a result of the matching program!

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