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A PCA Family With a Sizeable Estate

A PCA Family With a Sizeable Estate

A PCA couple with a sizeable estate decided to use the PCA Foundation to support PCA churches, PCA Committees and Agencies and several other Christian ministries upon their deaths.

They felt God leading them to use their entire estate for this charitable purpose and bequeathed it to the PCA Foundation to fund an Advise & Consult Fund®. Their children, all mature Christians, were given the authority to make recommendations to the PCA Foundation on how the balance in their parent's Advise & Consult Fund should be distributed to Christian ministries.

Over the course of several years, the children and their spouses met to decide which ministries should benefit, how much they should recommend to each, for what purpose, and when the distributions should be made. The children honored their parent's charitable wishes and enjoyed being faithful stewards of their parents' estate.

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